Vacuum Chucks, Systems and Accessories

Our versatile line of Vacuum Chucks provides an easy and economical answer to your workholding problems.  Our manufacturing facility is well equipped to provide Vacuum Chucks to suit your workholding needs—from standard units, to custom designed chucks and systems.  Our Vacuum Chucks offer distinct advantages through our continually improving concepts of vacuum workholding.  Through the principle of negative pressure, Magna-Lock USA Vacuum Chucks hold ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials and work pieces with pounds to tons of dependable vacuum holding power.  The compact size, simplicity of design, and amazing versatility of our Vacuum Chucks, improve production and increase hourly output.

Our rotary vacuum chucks can have groove patterns that are circular or grid. Shown here is our circular pattern. Specifications for depth and width can be specified by customer.
When ordering our Channel-Seal for your vacuum chuck please measure correctly. Normally it should be 1/32” above the chuck. Channel-Seal stretched too far during installation will produce an insufficient seal between the chuck and work piece causing holding problems. Worn, torn, or aged Channel-Seal can produce an insufficient seal as well.
Large Vaccum Table and System
We offer custom designed vacuum chucks to suit our customer's needs. There is no size too big or small.
Vacuum Chuck with part
Vacuum chuck holding an aluminum part, shown in red, ready for machining.
Custom-made Concave Vacuum Chuck
Our engineering department is willing to accommodate nearly all of our customer's workholding needs.
Custom Designed Vacuum chuck for odd shaped parts
This special vacuum chuck required specific dimensions and shape of customer's unique part. Using our Channel Seal and indicator pins, this chuck proved to be very successful for this customer.
VacMaster III with rotary vacuum chuck
VacMaster III with customer's part on rotary vacuum chuck on rotary union adapter.
Small Vacuum Chuck used for testing
Our engineering department can design a vacuum chuck for even the smallest of workholding needs.
Large Vacuum Chuck
Magna Lock manufacturers a wide variety of standard sizes to fit most existing machining and assembling equipment.
Vacuum Chuck used for grinding carbide
Our vacuum chucks have been used to hold non-porous materials, including ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials in virtually any configuration and size.
TV Vacuum System
Each system includes vane-type vacuum pump, electric motor, steel reservoir tank and drain, vacuum check valve, adjustable pressure switch, inlet filter and exhaust muffler.
Woodworking Vacuum Chuck
Many of our customers use their vacuum chucks for woodworking, including custom cabinetry and musical instruments.
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