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Electromagnetic Chucks, Accessories & Spare Parts

Magna-Lock USA Electromagnetic Chucks are designed for a variety of industrial metalworking applications—from large-scale grinding operations to milling and planing.  Available with standard or fine pole spacing in square, rectangular and circular shapes, Magna-Lock USA Electromagnetic Chucks are milled from solid metal to ensure fluid resistance.  Our sales team and engineers will also work with you to develop the optimum workholding solution, even if your process calls for a unique design.

All Magna-Lock USA new electromagnetic chucks:

  • Made in the USA in Rockford, IL and include technical support

  • Require direct current electricity and a means of turning the electrical power on and off.  Magna-Lock USA chuck controllers (rectifiers) can be found here

  • Include our watertight construction with a gasket between the top plate and body when needed

  • Include our interior waterproofing includes a protective sealcoating brushed on the interior of coil cavity(s) to provide superior water, moisture and chemical resistance for special applications.  This protective measure is recommended to be used in environments with temperature ranges of 65 to 155 degree Celsius

  • Include our industry leading two year warranty unless specified on invoice. Copy of our warranty can be found here

  • Are repairable regardless of their age or design.  To learn more about our repair process click here

  • If you're looking for a controller for your electromagnetic chuck, click here

NOTE: Some charts with specifications and dimensions are only viewable on a desktop.  

HB Series

Magna-Lock USA has been the foremost supplier of swiveling magnetic chucks for the world’s largest builders of knife and face grinders since its beginning in 1948 and has the know-how to solve their customers’ holding problems.

HG Series

Model HG electromagnetic chucks are less expensive than most of our other electromagnetic chucks with the exception of the Model HL economag chucks.  The HG models has the most uniform holding of all of our electromagnetic chucks with a variance of approximately 10% holding power over the entire magnetic surface with an average of 75 pound plus hold down force per cubic inch.

HR Series

Magna-Lock USA HR series electromagnetic chucks are an excellent choice for holding small and thin parts because of the fine lamination top plate design. They are less expensive than our HU series chucks, and their design can easily be modified prior to manufacture to accommodate our customer’s special applications. 

Magna-Vise Sets

With a Magna-Vise set you can greatly increase the value of your magnetic chuck by making it possible to hold rigid non-magnetic materials such as brass, copper, plastic, aluminum, etc. They eliminate cumbersome fixtures, reduce set-up time and costs.  Easy to use and low in cost.

HC Series

Magna-Lock USA has been the supplier of rotary electromagnetic chucks for many of the world’s largest builders of rotary surface grinders since the in 1940’s.  Most Mattison Machine Works rotary grinders were supplied with Magna-Lock USA chucks on the grinder and many are still in use today.    

HL Series

Economag low profile electromagnetic chucks offer the advantages of electrically operated chucks at a price competitive with less versatile permanent magnet chucks.  Additionally, with the higher holding power available at the chuck extremities, magnetic holding power over the entire face of the chuck is more evenly distributed.

HU Series

For years the HU series of electromagnetic chucks have been known as the Universal chucks in that it can be made in any special pole pattern and size. Many years ago, it was customary to change the poles from transverse to longitudinal at the customer’s request until the HL and HR series were fully developed. Today, we offer HU chucks with transverse poles only.

Parallels & V-Blocks

Magna-Lock USA laminated magnetic parallels and V-blocks are useful for holding irregular pieces which cannot be properly held on chuck surfaces. Make your own grinding fixtures from Magna-Lock USA standard size parallels and V-blocks.

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