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Magna-Lock USA Electromagnetic Chucks are designed for a variety of industrial metalworking applications—from large-scale grinding operations to milling and planing.  Available with standard or fine pole spacing in square, rectangular and circular shapes, Magna-Lock USA Electromagnetic Chucks are milled from solid metal to ensure fluid resistance.  Our sales team and engineers will also work with you to develop the optimum workholding solution, even if your process calls for a unique design.

HGD-1836G flushends
Grid style electromagnetic chuck. Overall dimensions 18" wide x 36" long x 5.25" high. Top plate is constructed with 1/2" wide magnetic poles and 7/32" wide non-magnetic separators. Unit will have flush ends with drilled and counterbored holes through for T-slot table mounting. Additionally, this magnet has holding powers from edge to edge and end to end.
Magna Vise Model MV-6A
Easy to use, Magna Vise, holds rigid non-magnetic materials such as brass, copper, plastic, aluminum and others. Magna Vise sets come in their own high quality case, wrapped in protective cloth to protect from nicks and scratches. Dimensions are 6.375” (L) x 1.5625” (W) x .100” (thickness). Sometimes these are referred to as Magna-Grips, Perma-Grips or Magna-Clamps.
This chuck would be ideal for holding larger parts.
HU Series Top Plate Close Up
Close up of top plate on a HU series electromagnetic chuck. Pole spacing is .25" magnetic pole with a .125" non-magnetic pole.
Top Replacement for 78.5 Rotary Electromagnetic Chuck
Reverse engineering made a top plate replacement on this chuck almost effortless.
HCG-44-16 station Rotary Grid Electromagnetic Chuck
This chuck would be used for individual piece surface grinding.
HG Series Electromagnetic Chucks on Milling Machine
Large milling machine with HG series electromagnetic chucks to hold large sized plates.
Parallell Set
By using these, our customers eliminate the need for special clamping devices. They can be used on both electromagnetic and permanent chucks.
Electromagnetic Radial Pole Chuck
This top plate configuration is commonly found on Arter grinders.
Bottom Side of Rotary Electromagnetic Chuck needing collector ring replacement and repair
Our repair services begin with a full inspection of our customer's equipment, including collecting meter readings and complete visual inspection.
HC Series Sectional Electromagnetic Chuck
This chuck is commonly used on automatic loading grinders with two heads.
HC-42 Type I
This is the Type I - rotary electromagnetic chuck with a 7 1/2" diameter bronze center cover plate to provide access to the collector ring and brushholder assembly. This is the standard model and most popular of Magna-Lock rotary chucks that we manufacture.
3 HR Bar Pole Electromagnetic Chucks on a Mattison Grinder
Three HR Bar Pole Electromagnetic Chucks on a customer's grinder.
Radial Pole Rotary Electromagnetic Chuck
Radial Pole Rotary Electromagnetic Chuck works well holding ring and donut shaped parts.
Worm Gear on Knife Bar Electromagnetic Chuck
Close up of gear box assembly on a swiveling knife bar electromagnetic chuck, HB Series.
Tuning Fork Top Plate Configuration for Electromagnetic Chuck
A top plate configuration like this is typically found on chuck on Arter Grinders. It is referred to as a tuning fork or teardrop configuration.
Swiveling Electromagnetic Knife Bar Chuck
Complete assembly of large swiveling electromagnetic knife bar chuck, HB Series
Custom Electromagnetic Chuck
Working closely with our engineering department, the possibilities are vast for custom workholding.
HC Series Sectional Electromagnetic Chuck with Extensions
Extensions on a Rotary chuck give it the versatility to grind larger parts and hold tighter tolerances.
HC Type II Rotary Electromag Chuck
This is the Type II - rotary electromagnetic chuck with a removable center cover designed to carry the magnetic holding derived from the chuck's innermost coil to provide holding action down to a 2 1/4" diameter. The height of this chuck is greater than a Type I chuck and there is an entirely different construction used around the innermost chuck body ring. Because of this, it is not possible to convert a Type I rotary chuck to a Type II rotary chuck.
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