Permanent & Sine Products

Magna-Lock USA offers rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks with transverse and fine or standard pole spacing.  Our Permanent Magnetic Chucks feature powerful, rare earth magnets for effective holding power in many metalworking applications.  To increase stability, clamping ledge and toe clamps come standard with all our Permanent Magnetic Chucks.  Regardless of the complexity of your workholding problem, our qualified engineers can work with you to develop an effective workholding solution.

6 x 6 permanent chuck
6 " x 6" is the smallest size permanent chuck we manufacture.
DP-606UM Compound Angle Permanent magnetic sine chuck with UniMesh Top Plate
Permanent sine chucks can be equipped with single angle or compound angle arrangements. The top plate can also have a variety of pole spacing configurations.
Uni-Mesh Permanent Chuck Grinding with Coolant
This Uni-Mesh permanent chuck tolerates working with coolant, if needed, when grinding parts.
Electromagnetic Sine Chuck
These models are accurate for angular machining, layout and inspection work with the use of a simple chuck control.
Inspection on Sine Permanent Chuck
After the assembly manufacturing is complete on our sine products, testing is done to check the hinge placement, so that the customer's part is held at the correct angle.
Sine Plate
Sine plates are used with a magnetic table for grinding precision angles.
Permanet Chuck HUM Series
The Uni-Mesh Series has a top plate that provides a rigid and strong work surface that utilizes advanced technology electron beam welding.
Electromagnetic Sine Chuck
This electromagnetic sine chuck was manufactured in 1958. We have recently repaired chucks of the same approximate age. Our products are built long-lasting, durable, and easily repairable.
Uni-Mesh Permanent Chuck on Surface Grinder
Each Uni-Mesh permanent chuck is capable of being used in dry applications.
Parallel used on Electromagnetic and Permanent Chucks
Parallels eliminate the need for special clamping devices and act as transfer plates, allowing magnetism to be transmitted to the workpiece.
Upclose Photo of Micro Mesh Top Plate
Micro-Mesh permanent chucks feature the closest pole spacing of any magnetic chuck and easily holds material as thin as .001".
Sine Tables
Have you lost your sine tables? Contact us via email or phone for a replacement.
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