Magna-Lock USA Parallels and V-Block Electromagnetic Chuck Accessories

Laminated chuck parallels, V-Blocks, and top plates care useful for holding irregular pieces which cannot be properly held on chuck surfaces.
Rotary Parallels
Custom Parallels are no problem for our engineering team.
Parallels and 90˚ V-Blocks act as transfer plates, allowing magnetism to be transmitted to the workpiece. Specific sizes and styles are available upon request as well as our standard models.
Parallell Set
By using these, our customers eliminate the need for special clamping devices. They can be used on both electromagnetic and permanent chucks.
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Magna-Lock USA magnetic parallels and V-blocks are all steel, top quality, precision-ground absolutely parallel and square.  They are made of welded, non-shift laminations. No rivets, no dowels, no plastic or soft filler.   

Magnetic parallels and V-blocks may be used to eliminate special clamping devices in the tool room.  Parallels and V-block act as transfer plates allowing magnetism to be transmitted to the workpiece and they are ideally suited for use on HU (Universal), HL (Economag) and HR Magna-Lock USA chucks.  Standard units have transverse poles.


Magna-Lock USA standard parallels and V-blocks are made with 1/32” non-magnetic steel laminations and 1/8” low-carbon magnetic steel laminations.  They are available in a large selection of standard sizes. Special parallels and V-blocks are available on request including magnetic parallels with spring loaded locating buttons built into the parallel and special recessed magnetic parallels. Nonstandard pole patterns and sizes are available.  Our sales engineers can meet your most difficult application.


Special attention should be taken to make sure the pole pattern and spacing matches the electromagnetic chuck that the parallel or V-block is used on.  If these are not matching or very similar, the chuck will lose its holding power. 


For holding very thin and very small workpieces, two styles of fine pole parallels and V-block are available.  One style feature 1/16” steel poles and 1/16” brass separators while the other has 1/16” steel poles and 1/64” brass separators.  Contact our sales engineers for the size and style to fit your needs.

Magna-Lock USA Standard V-Block Specifications

NOTE: All measurements are approximate.

NOTE: Some charts with specifications and dimensions are only viewable on a desktop.  

Magna-Lock USA Standard Parallel Specifications

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