Magna-Lock USA Magna-Vise Sets for Electromagnetic Chucks

The Magna-Vise set consists of a pair of magnetically actuated clamps designed so that parts made of non-magnetic material may be located between the jaws and held firmly against the face of the magnetic chuck for machining purposes.

Non-magnetic material such as brass, copper, plastic, glass, hard rubber, aluminum, and stainless steel can all be held on magnetic workholding, eliminating the need for special clamps.

Three standard sizes of Magna-Vise sets are normally stocked for immediate purchase including MV-6, MV-6a, and MV-10. The MV-14 are available for special order with a minimal lead time. The Magna-Vise principle can be designed into special sizes and shapes both for the toolroom and automatic production holding for continuous loading and unloading.  Please contact our sales engineers for more details on special sizes and shapes.

Magna-Lock USA Magna-Vise Sets Specifications

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