Magna-Lock USA Magna-Vise Sets for Electromagnetic Chucks

An amazing tool that enables your magnetic chuck to grip any rigid type of non-magnetic material!  The Magna-Vise set consists of a pair of magnetically actuated clamps so designed that parts made of non-magnetic material may be located between the jaws and held firmly against the face of the magnetic chuck for machining purposes.

The Magna-Vise set greatly increases the value of your magnetic chucking equipment by making it possible to hold rigid types of non-magnetic material such as brass, copper, plastic, glass, hard rubber, aluminum, and stainless steel.


By placing the work on the magnetic chuck surface between the Magna-Vise clamp set so that the toothed edge of each clamp is in contact with the work.  A backing plate, against which the back edge of one clamp should be placed, is available on most magnetic chucks.


Each Magna-Vise clamp is composed of two steel sections connected by a preset spring steel strip.  The angle of this spring is such that these sections will normally be 5° to each other.  When the chuck is energized, the jaws of the clamps are forcibly drawn flat to a horizontal position by the magnet, exerting a powerful lateral thrust against the work piece.  The wedging action of the teeth against the work piece holds it securely in place against the face of the chuck.


If the Magna-Vise does not pull down completely, tap or push with the fingers until it is in full contact with the chuck surface.  Many difficult-to-hold toolroom jobs become easy with Magna-Vise sets.  As you continue to use it, you will consider the Magna-Vise invaluable.  East set comes fitted in a protective case.


Four standard sizes of Magna-Vise sets are normally stocked for immediate purchase including MV-6, MV-6a, MV-10 and MV-14.  The Magna-Vise principle can be designed into special sizes and shapes both for the toolroom and automatic production holding for continuous loading and unloading.  Please contact our sales engineers for more details on special sizes and shapes.

Magna-Vise clamps for magnetic workholding

Hold anything on a magnetic chuck

Magna-Lock USA Magna-Vise Sets Specifications

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