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Custom Part Fixtures

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Custom Workholding Fixtures

C  U  S  T  O  M   D  E  S  I  G  N

Our engineering department has the capabilities of servicing our customers who need custom designed workholding solutions.  We have been successful in designing custom electromagnetic chucks, vacuum chucks with unique vacuum systems, parallels, chuck controllers, and permanent chucks to suit our customer’s distinctive needs.  We work closely with each of our customers to produce approval drawings before beginning and as the project progresses, we are in constant contact with them.  We welcome testing on the design at our facilities with sample parts supplied by the customer.  Confidentiality is a major concern for many of our customers requesting our services.  We respect these concerns and aim to work with each customer on a protected level maintaining their privacy at all times. 

Custom Vacuum Chuck
Electromagnetic Chuck with Part Locators
Grid Electromagnetic Chuck
Custom Vacuum Chuck
Special Parallel
Custom Rotary Parallel
Vacuum Chuck
Workholding Fixture
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