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Waterproofing Your Chuck

Updated: May 7

Contact: Ben Nordman, Marketing & Communications Manager

Waterproofing the terminal box on a chuck reduces the risk of moisture entering an electromagnetic chuck
Waterproofed terminal boxes

A majority of our repairs that we have come in for electromagnetic chucks are due to liquid or moisture getting into the chuck, typically some kind of coolant. The liquid or moisture makes its way to the coils, where, as with anything electrical, it causes a short in the circuit of magnet wire, which will either cause complete or partial failure of the magnet.

We first used our waterproofing material in our chucks when we were working with a customer that was using a lot of coolant for their machining process. When an excess amount of coolant is used, obviously there is more opportunity for moisture to find its way into the chuck through weldments, steel-to-steel seams, and terminal boxes. Coating all of those high risk areas of the chuck are essential to keeping the chuck going and the user’s machine going.

While there are many things that can go wrong in a chuck to make it need a repair, “waterproofing” the chuck reduces, but will not eliminate, the number of repairs that come in due to a coil shorting out.

The most common risk area that we see with moisture entering the chuck is through the terminal box. It is the least sealed part of the chuck and the origin for all electrical connections in the chuck circuit.

When providing an eval for a chuck that is down, the terminal box is the first place we will look and test. Once the chuck is open, we can diagnose further what happened and how we’ll fix it. A lot of times, we’re in the troubleshooting business when it comes to machine tools being down and addressing the most common issues we find head on is how we fix the problem.

As a standard, we waterproof each and every chuck that comes through our shop, new or used. By waterproofing your chuck, we are adding longevity to overall function.

If you are having trouble with your magnetic chuck, no matter the brand, we can help. Give our team by clicking the link below and filling out a quote request.

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