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Robotics & Workholding: A Fruitful Pairing

Updated: May 7

One of the fastest growing trends within manufacturing and the economy is the robotics industry.

Whether it be fully automated or possibly controlled or even cobots, robots that collaborate with

humans to fulfill a job, the growth among the industry is undeniable. And with the addition of

artificial intelligence (AI) the possibilities of automation seem endless.

According to, robotics have over doubled in the past three years and is estimated to

be over $200 billion by 2025 from $63.9 billion in 2018. The increase is largely due to the want

and need of total control and consistency within certain applications, especially in

manufacturing. Robots are able to provide that to companies.

industrial robotic arm
CNC Machining Centers Using Robotics are In High Demand

industrial robotic arm
Robotics are Becoming the Norm in Manufacturing

Because a robot is able to produce within certain parameters on a consistent basis, there are

many benefits to being able to pair a robot with a human and have them work side-by-side,

known as a cobot. Pairing the capabilities of humans with the consistent precision of robots

makes cobot operations seem sensible to business owners, who are trying to continually find the

most economical way to maximize efficiency.

With this increase in robotics, workholding is going to need to adapt to the current needs.

Thankfully, that is just what workholding is good for. These robot and cobot operations often

times call for workholding. This need is no different than workholding being needed in most

other operations throughout manufacturing history.

When looking at workholding, there are nearly endless matches that could be made throughout

different industries. The ability to customize devices such as electromagnetic chucks to vacuum

workholding provides the flexibility to service the wide array of applications including

automation and robotics.

Proven to work to get that consistency, the wide array and possibilities of workholding in

robotics give the user a consistent hold on the workpiece. Traditional holding concepts can be

applied to innovative machining centers and automation assemblies with the help of engineering

and redesign concepts. Because of this, robotics and workholding do make a fruitful pair.

Magna-Lock USA workholding can be found on many shop floors that are using automation to

gain more efficiency in their machining production. Vacuum workholding for the electric vehicle

industry is currently in high demand. Electromagnetic chucks have been re-designed for CNC

machining centers that use robotics in the automotive industry. These are just two examples of

how the workholding is nearly as important to the bottom line as the robots themselves.

Pallet changing is rapidly being incorporated with robotics in the manufacturing industry as well.

The need for efficient machining, including loading and unloading, to increase profitability is

critical now more than ever as many United States manufacturers shift their focus to reshore their production and upgrade their factories.

When considering workholding for robotic machining concepts, it is imperative to be thorough in

the planning of the assembly. Providing sample parts and transparency with the design and

purpose of the automation is critical to making certain the workholding design will work fluidly

with the complete assembly.

Working with a brand of workholding that has proven experience in the robotic industry can

make the transition and integration a cinch. Magna-Lock USA has that proven experience. For

more information on using Magna-Lock USA workholding products with robotics automation,

contact our engineering team today.

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