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Magna-Lock USA Workholding Safety Tips

Often times the reliability, longevity, and overall quality of Magna-Lock USA workholding devices provides a comfort when working with them that safety is built into the machine. Well, we're here to tell you it is not. The way each machine is operated, specific application, and operator error all are contributing factors to safely using not only Magna-Lock USA products, but workholding in general.

With #NationalSafetyMonth winding down, providing awareness of safety tips and tricks is important to ensure the safety while working in manufacturing. Nevertheless, this is provided as considerations while working, with all OSHA standards and guidelines coming above the points being made here.

Pinch Hazard

The sheer weight and size of some work pieces are up to thousands of pounds. When transferring the material to the chuck, if there is anything between the material being held and the chuck, it will be pinched.

Fingers, loose clothing, and other foreign objects are easy targets of this issue and should be double checked that they are not impeding the connection between material and top plate. Additionally, wearing gloves will help with making sure pinching of skin does not become an issue.

Magnetic Field Issues

Of course, with every magnet, there is a large amount magnetism that is displayed every time the magnet is turned on. As is true with magnetism, anything magnet will be affected by this, even if it is not directly in contact with the magnet.

It's important to remember that objects such as personal electronics, some jewelry, and even medical devices such as prosthetics and pacemakers can be affected by these large magnets. While personal electronics like cell phones are typically not allowed on the shop floor, situations arise where they are and magnetism can and will affect their use.

When rebuilding chucks, especially in tandem, it is always smart to grind them in to match
Rebuilding an electromagnetic chuck

Grinding in chucks

While this is a lesser problem for most customers and workholding users, chucks that work in tandem with each other need to be ground in to match each other. This is crucial in order to get a solid connection between device and material. A small air gap between the material and workholding essentially will lessen the magnet's holding power and can put people in a dangerous situation.

If you have any questions about grinding in your chuck, give us a call.

Magna-Lock USA Knife Bar being assembled
Magna-Lock USA Knife Bar being assembled

With any manufacturing products, there are hazards without proper safety precautions. Workholding is the same way, with considerations needing to be made before and during use. Be sure to troubleshoot with us if anything arise at 815-962-8700 or visit our site.

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