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Flame Hardening Chucks: A Unique Process in Need of a Unique Chuck

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

A process that improves the quality of steel and iron needs and deserves the highest quality of special workholding. Flame hardening is that process and pairing it with a specially made Magna-Lock USA chuck is the way to go for your workholding.

The flame hardening process is the process of melting steel or cast iron to it's austenization temperature. When the metal hits this point, the outer edge of the piece is changed, while the inside of the piece stays solid and unchanged.

At this point, the surface is to be quenched with liquid, making the metal harden and become less susceptible to wear and corrosion. The process has a shorter processing time than other types of hardening, provides a higher hardness than metals that aren't hardened, and it also is somewhat cost effective.

This process also needs a special type of chuck to hold the piece while being hardened, with Magna-Lock USA chucks fitting the bill. With heat involved along with liquid, the workholding device needs to have a thicker top plate than a normal chuck. The increased thickness adds approximately three inches to the overall thickness of the chuck.

Additionally, the chuck needs to be completely liquid proof and be able to stay dry in complete submersion. Magna-Lock USA chucks are able to do that, sealed to become waterproof with also a special sealant inside the chuck to further waterproof the chuck to protect the coils inside.

Our engineering team have perfected the design of flame hardening chucks, adding them to our HR series of electromagnetic chucks. Check out our website HERE for more information on our flame hardening chucks in terms of specs or you can give us a call at 815-962-8700.

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