Magna-Lock USA HL Series Electromagnetic Chucks

HL Model with Parallel
HL Model electromagnetic chucks are good choices for use with parallels.
Made in the USA
All new Magna-Lock USA electromagnetic chucks are manufactured in our factory located in Rockford, IL
HL-612 with toe clamps
6" x 12" longitudinal electromagnetic chuck with hold down clamps
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The Economag Chuck is one of the most popular chucks in the industry and features a fine pole pattern that runs longitudinally resulting in a full magnetic surface to all edges of the chuck. This chuck has the lowest height in the industry allowing more head room on your grinder for jigs and fixtures. These chucks are ideally suited for small and thin workpieces and for parallels and V-blocks.

This series was developed in the mid-1970’s during the Hitachi Magna-Lock Corporation era and was dubbed the Economag line due to all of its cost savings properties. These properties include less chuck height, less chuck weight, less electrical power, and lower pricing.  Although there are several economical savings for this series, it has increased holding power at the end and corners with more evenly distributed holding power than the competition.


The lower height of these magnets mean more head room clearance for your machining process or for the addition of a fixture. The longitudinal laminated top plate design is all steel construction with 1/8” magnetic steel poles and 1/32” non-magnetic stainless-steel separators extending end to end.  This durable top plate design is easily reground. The HL series design provides high holding power at ends and corners where single workpieces are normally placed.  Also, each chuck is furnished with adjustable end and back stops and two hold-down clamps.


Direct current voltage should be specified by customer with 115 or 230 DC being standard and can be altered in the field on units with multi-coils. Top plates are replaceable without replacing the entire unit.   

Magna-Lock USA HL Series Electromagnetic Chuck Specifications

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Magna-Lock USA HL Series Electromagnetic Chuck Dimensions

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