Magna-Lock USA HG Series Electromagnetic Chucks

HGD-1836G flushends
Grid style electromagnetic chuck. Overall dimensions 18" wide x 36" long x 5.25" high. Top plate is constructed with 1/2" wide magnetic poles and 7/32" wide non-magnetic separators. Unit will have flush ends with drilled and counterbored holes through for T-slot table mounting. Additionally, this magnet has holding powers from edge to edge and end to end.
HG Series Electromagnetic Chucks on Milling Machine
Large milling machine with HG series electromagnetic chucks to hold large sized plates.
This chuck would be ideal for holding larger parts.
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Magna-Lock USA HG series electromagnetic chucks are most commonly used on medium and large grinders and are also recommended for milling and planing operations.  These chucks have evenly distributed magnetic holding over the entire surface and have rectangular pole pieces that are properly sized to yield maximum holding for your application. The chucks are low wattage and ideal for both large and small workpieces.

Standard HG model sizes range from 5” x 10” to as large as 48” x 72”. The maximum recommended length for a magnetic chuck is 60”.  For larger sizes use combination of standard sizes in tandem or end-to-end mounting. When using chucks in tandem, it is essential that all chucks remain parallel. If one of them needs to be replaced, all of them will need to be re-ground together to achieve a level machining table.


The controlled magnetic flux pattern of these chucks makes them especially ideal for milling and other heavy machining applications because the lower path of magnetic flux will not magnetize milling cutter and spindle as bad as a higher path of magnetic flux. Additionally, these chucks have a long useful life due to ample grid plate stock for regrinding.  The standard thickness size of the replaceable top plates for these models is 1..625” with .625” useable before replacement.


These chucks have lower wattage than other models which will mean less heat when in use.  This in turn means closer grinding tolerances due to less expansion of metals in the chuck.  Additionally, these chucks would require a less expensive chuck controller because of the lower wattage.  Direct current voltage should be specified by customer with 115 or 230 DC being standard and can be altered in the field.  Right front terminal box locations are standard, but other locations can be provided on request. All sizes are furnished with adjustable backstops.


All sizes are also available in the grid-to-one edge version with the outermost row of magnetic poles extended all the way to one edge and extending over front or back edge.  These models may be used singly for unusually shaped parts or overhanding parts, and may be combined with other standard grid, grid-to-one-edge, or grid-to-two-edge chucks to provide increased magnetic holding area and versatility.  These chucks are identified by adding the suffix “E” to the standard grid model number.


All sizes are available with the outermost rows of magnetic pole pieces extended to both outer edges or grid-to-two edge. These chucks may be singly or combined with other models for increased magnetic holding area and versatility.  They are identified by adding the suffix “D” to the standard grid model number.


All sizes are available with the magnetic pole pieces extended to all outer edges.  These chucks are better used singly.  They are identified by adding the suffix “DA” to the standard grid model number.


Standard mounting is sometimes referred to as clamping ledge, Chucks will be furnished with extended base plates to provide clamping ledges at each end.  Hold down clamps are provided with the chuck.  For butting two or more chucks together without an intervening gap, or for other special requirements, chucks can be furnished with flush ends and provided with counterbored clearance holes for mounting bolts.

Magna-Lock USA HG Series Electromagnetic Chuck Specifications

Magna-Lock USA HG Series Electromagnetic Chuck Dimensions

NOTE: All measurements are approximate.

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