Chuck Controllers and Replacement Parts

Direct current (DC) electricity is required for the operation of electromagnetic chucks, but most plants have alternating current (AC) readily available, so a rectifier system is used to convert the AC electricity to DC. The control reverses polarity and reduces voltage through a series of steps. Work can be easily removed when voltage is reduced to zero. The Flux Master controls were developed by Magna-Lock USA to provide rectified DC power and control for all makes of electromagnetic chucks. All control and power modules are housed in rugged, splash-proof enclosures. Standard models range from 150 through 10,000watts capacity and 0-100% variable holding is standard on all models. Models rated at 500 watts or larger have a separate wall-mounted power
enclosure which is normally located at the rear of the machine.

What sets a Flux Master chuck control apart from its competitor's:

  • Flux Master controls are 100% serviceable.

  • Assembled in our Rockford, IL USA factory by our technicians.

  • We stock spare parts for all of our controllers, most in stock for immediate shipping.

  • Shipped complete and ready to work, no extra parts or components to purchase, including an isolation transformer.

  • Includes our industry leading two-year warranty.

  • Phone support is always available with our trained technicians.

  • All current generation units are repairable. Due to their recent permanent closure, we are now offering repair services for Magna-Flux International controls.

Learn more of what a Flux Master Chuck Controller can do for you by downloading "A Comprehensive Guide to Flux Master Chuck Controls" here

Inside View of CC Chuck Control Unit.JPG


In our CC series chuck controllers, all electrical controls and power functions are housed in wall-mounted enclosure with remote control station allowing mounting position convenient to operator.

With either 115 or 230 VDC, 230 or 460 VAC and watts ranging from 500 to 10,000, these models include remote control NEMA enclosure with operation switches and indicator lights and NEMA main enclosure with fused disconnect switch.

All models have 0 to 100% variable hold control and automatic de-magnetize cycles (fast/slow).  Weight varies with model and transformer used.

Chuck Control Manuals.jpg

Our larger chuck controllers are shipped with a manual to assist with set up and troubleshooting. Always read and follow instruction manuals and safety warnings. It may be necessary to consult a qualified electrical contractor to assist you. Testing and analysis of electromagnetism and electricity should only be done by trained electricians that are qualified and trained to do so.


Optional stand for our Model CC chuck control. Includes two stands that bolt to underside of control cabinet and have pre-drilled holes for mounting stand to floor. Dimensions and weight vary with each model.