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HU series Electromagnetic Chucks

Magnetic Chucks for surface grinding and milling

This universal electromagnetic chuck features a fine transverse magnetic pole pattern that extends from front to back of the top plate, giving the user the maximum amount of holding area.

Good for many uses, this electromagnetic chuck holds smaller workpieces with ease due to the pole spacing and laminations extending to extreme edges.

Popular uses: 

  • With parallels

  • With V-blocks

  • For small & narrow workpiece holding

Magna-Lock USA workholding

Fine Poles Ideal for Small Workpieces

The fine poles of the HU series provide a close range of holding power, allowing the operator to hold small pieces while not suffering a loss of potential holding power in the chuck. The exact pole size and spacing depends on the size of the electromagnetic chuck, with anything under 12" wide having 1/8" magnetic steel poles with 1/32" separators while 12"+ wide has 1/4" magnetic poles and 1/8" separators.

Coil repairx (28)_edited.jpg

Exceptional Holding Power

The HU series of electromagnetic chuck has a higher wattage than our other Magna-Lock USA chucks. meaning the output of holding power is higher. Voltage should be determined by the customer with 115 or 230 DC being standard.


Top Plates - Long-Lasting and Replaceable

Each HU series electromagnetic chuck comes standard with a 1-1/8" thick top plate, with 5/8" usable before replacement. Special accommodations to the top plate can be made for special applications.


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