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HR series Electromagnetic Chucks

Magnetic chucks for heavy machining and surface grinding

This rectangular chuck comes standard with sizes that range from 5" x 10" up to 18" x 60". The ability to operate at a lower wattage allows for tighter tolerance machining due to the magnetic chuck operating at a lower heat.


The HR series of electromagnetic chuck also can be used for the flame hardening process with waterproof construction for complete submersion.

Popular uses: 

  • Workholding for surface grinding

  • Workholding for milling

  • Workholding for planing

  • Workholding for knife grinding

  • Workholding for flame hardening process

  • With parallels

  • With V-blocks

  • For small & narrow workpiece holding

Magna-Lock USA workholding

Lower wattage workholding to reduce heat

 The HR series of electromagnetic chuck uses lower wattage than Magna-Lock's other models, which assists with keeping the temperature while operating down. This, in turn, allows for closer tolerances while machining due to the less expansion of the metals in the chuck. 

Custom Electromagnetic Chuck

Fine laminations for holding small & thin pieces

The longitudinal laminated top plate design is all steel construction with 1/8” magnetic steel poles and 1/32” non-magnetic stainless-steel separators extending end to end with a total pitch of 5/32” for chucks up to 12” wide. 


For chucks wider than 12”, the longitudinal top plate design is the same materials but with 1/4” magnetic steel poles and 1/8” non-magnetic stainless-steel separators with a total pitch of 3/8”. 


The HR series provides end-to-end holding of small and thin pieces due to the size of laminations throughout the top plate.

Tandem workholding chucks working on a Mattison grinder

Magna-Lock Flame Hardening chucks

The HR series can also be adapted for the flame hardening process. Each chuck is completely waterproof for complete submersion while offering the same features as normal HR models.

Magna-Lock Flame Hardening Chuck

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