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HL series Electromagnetic Chucks

Economag Chuck with longitudinal poles

The Economag electromagnetic chuck is one of the most popular workholding solutions on the market. Fine poles line the top plate longitudinally, resulting in a full magnetic surface to all edges of the chuck.

Popular uses: 

  • Workholding for surface grinders

  • With parallels

  • With V-blocks

  • For small & narrow workpiece holding

Magna-Lock USA workholding

Less expensive workholding solution

The Economag chuck provides an inexpensive solution to workholding for surface grinders due to the sizing and design of the chuck.

Magna-Lock USA HL Model electromagnetic chuck with parallel

Low profile chuck design

The lower profile of the chuck means less weight of the chuck while also giving the surface grinder more clearance for the grinding wheel.

Magna-Lock USA chucks are designed, fabricated, and assembled in the United States of America

Replaceable top plate

The longitudinal laminated top plate design is all steel construction with 1/8” magnetic steel poles and 1/32” non-magnetic stainless-steel separators extending end to end. Each top plate on Magna-Lock USA chucks gives the user the ability to replace the top plate without replacing the whole chuck. It also assists in replacing chuck coils, if necessary.

The HL series of Magna-Lock USA electromagnetic chuck provides end-to-end holding with longitudinal poles

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