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HG series Electromagnetic Chucks

Large grinding and milling chucks

This large electromagnetic chuck series are mostly used on medium and large grinders and are also commonly used for workholding on mills and planers.

Each top plate has evenly distributed magnetic holding over the entire surface for maximum holding power for your specific application.

These chucks are highly customizable for specific applications. With grid-to-one edge, grid-to-two edges, and grid-to-all edges, this is the answer for any need of versatile workholding solutions.

Popular uses: 

  • Workholding for surface grinding

  • Workholding for milling

  • Workholding for planing

  • Workholding for heavy machining

  • Workholding for knife grinding

Magna-Lock USA workholding

Lower operating temperatures

The HG series of Magna-Lock USA chucks are lower wattage chucks than other models, meaning less heat is produced when operating. When applied to surface grinding, this will mean closer tolerance grinding due to less expansion of metals in the chuck.

HG-4848H Electromagnetic Chuck Transverse Pole Grid Electromagnetic Chuck with ¾ inch

End-to-end workholding

With grid-to-one edge, grid-to-two edge, and grid-to-all edge options, the HG series provides a versatile electromagnetic chuck option for surface grinding, milling, planing, and more.

Magna-Lock USA HG series chuck working in tandem on large mill

Largest rectangle chucks in product line

Sizes ranging from 8" x 24" up to 48" x 60" allow this series to provide large grinder workholding and large mill workholding. Using multiple chucks as tandem chucks in certain models can also give a user even larger workholding solutions.

Magna-Lock USA HG chuck with flushend holding to all edges of workholding device

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