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HB series Electromagnetic Chuck

The HB series of electromagnetic chuck, also sometimes known as a knife bar or swiveling electromagnetic chuck, give a user the ability to swivel their workholding to a desired angle and hold it in place while working on a piece.

This electromagnetic chuck is available in a variety of sizes and styles, while also having options for custom uses and needs.

Popular uses: 

  • Milling chuck

  • Planing chuck

  • Knife grinding chuck

  • Angular machining chuck

Magna-Lock USA electromagnetic chucks

Brackets, protractor, worm gear box included

Sizes larger than 5" x 10" and 6" x 18" include brackets, a protractor dial, as well as an enclosed worm gear box with handwheel. Each HB series electromagnetic chuck has means for positive locking at desired angular settings.

Worm Gear on Knife Bar Electromagnetic Chuck

Grid top plates

Grid top plates are available upon request on some sizes of the HB series.

This grid style gives holding to the very edge of the top plate, giving maximal holding area on the magnet.

Magna-Lock USA HB series electromagnetic chuck rebuild

Multiple sections for longer magnets

For longer magnets, the electromagnetic chuck is split in multiple sections to increase support and rigidity. 

Swiveling Electromagnetic Knife Bar Chuck

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