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Vacuum workholding

Magna-Lock USA vacuum workholding uses the force of negative pressure to hold your parts in place, no matter the material.

We offer standard devices, custom workholding, and complete vacuum systems for all types of applications.

Magna-Lock USA Vacuum Chucks hold ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials and work pieces with pounds to tons of dependable vacuum holding power.

Magna-Lock USA
Vacuum Chucks & Accessories

Universally works across brands

The Flux Master controls are able to control any and all brand of electromagnetic chuck, including:

  • Blanchard

  • Magnetool

  • Walker

  • OSWalker

  • Taft Peirce

Inside View of CC Chuck Control Unit.JPG

Ships complete with all parts

All controls ship ready to work for you, including an isolation transformer.

Our larger chuck controllers are shipped with a manual to assist with set up and troubleshooting. Always read and follow instruction manuals and safety warnings. 

Chuck Control F15MY1.jpg

Industry-leading two year warranty

All new chuck controllers include a two-year warranty. We also service all of our current controls with spare parts, most of which are in stock at all times.

We also provide service for Magna-Flux chuck controls, which are similar models to our Flux Master controls after Magna-Flux's recent permanent closure.

Inside view of 10,000 Watt CC Series Chuck Control.GIF

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