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Magna Lock vacuum chucks are made to apply the concept of negative pressure. They are designed in either rectangular or rotary shapes to hold all non-porous materials, including ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials in virtually any configuration and size, including sheets, plates, shapes and extrusions. Many of our customers use our vacuum chucks with titanium, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, laminate, glass and plastic.  
Vacuum Chucks, Vacuum Systems and Related Accessories
Vacuum Chucks
Vacuum Systems
Our TV Series Automatic Vacuum Systems are built to suit each of our customer’s distinctive needs. Each system includes vane-type vacuum pump, electric motor, steel reservoir tank and drain, vacuum check valve, adjustable pressure switch, inlet filter and exhaust muffler. We also offer a unique system that supplies conventional vacuum system pressure at a fraction of the cost of the conventional systems. The VacMaster III system operates on shop air using Venturi effect to create vacuum pressure. Many of our customers find this system to be very easy to use and extremely cost effective. The VacMaster III is typically in stock and ready to ship. 
Vacuum Accessories
We offer a full inventory of vacuum accessories that complement our vacuum chucks. Vacuum hose, gauges, rotary couplings, dump valves and gauge & dump valve assemblies are stocked and ready to ship. Magna Lock Channel Seal is our most popular vacuum accessory. We carry a variety of sizes to meet our customer’s unique needs and offer discounts for large volume purchasing.