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Electromagnetic Sine Chucks, SE and DE Models
Our Electromagnetic Sine Chucks are available in single angle, SE Series and double angle, DE Series. These models are accurate for angular machining, layout and inspection work with the use of a simple chuck control. An assortment of sizes, top plate patterns and hinge arrangements are available upon request.  
Permanent Chucks, 
HUM and HMM Models
Permanent Sine Chucks, SP and DP Models
Permanent & Sine Chucks
We offer several models of Electromagnetic Sine Chucks, Permanent Chucks and Permanent Sine Chucks to suit our customer’s needs for machining angles and compound angles, inspection and layout work. The Permanent Chucks hold a wide range of parts and are easy to use.  
Our HUM and HMM Permanent Magnetic Chucks are designed to hold a wide range of parts. The HUM, Uni-Mesh Series, has a top plate that provides a rigid and strong work surface that utilizes advanced technology electron beam welding. These models are low in height and have an easy to operate handle. The HMM, Micro-Mesh Series, are the most versatile magnetic chucks on the market. They feature the closest pole spacing of any magnetic chuck to easily hold materials as thin as .001”.
We offer Single Angle Permanent Sine Chucks, SP Models, with both Uni-Mesh and Micro-Mesh top plates. These models are primarily used for accurate machining, layout and inspection work. They can be ordered with a choice of hinge arrangements. Additionally, we manufacture Double Angle Permanent Sine Chucks, DP Models, with the same features as the single angles.