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Power Grip, LB Models
Magna Lift, BLM and BMU Models
Electric Lift Magnets, RM, EM and MU Models
Lift Magnets
Magna Lock USA, Inc. manufacturers a variety of lift magnets including several models of battery-operated and electric powered units. We are also capable of designing and building systems unique to your needs to solve your material handling problem.

The Power Grip Series, LB Models, date back to the Sundstrand Units that originated in the 1950’s. They are rugged and lightweight making them a customer favorite. They operate on self-contained, automotive-type storage batteries for maximum convenience, versatility and dependability. Standard units come complete with built-in chargers. This series has undergone many updates and design improvements but continues to be our best-selling, easiest to use models. Our engineering records document many of the changes in this series through the years making it almost effortless to retro-fit an older lift magnet to today’s safety specifications.
Our other battery-operated lift magnet series is the Magna Lift Series, BLM and BMU Models. These lift magnets are also self-contained battery operated lift magnets. They are used for lifting large flat plates, tubes, rounds, structural steel, odd shapes, coils, discs and rings. All units come complete with built-in chargers and removable power packs. Standard units are BLM Models. Units with bi-polar magnets are BMU Models. BLMC Models are spreader beam systems consisting of two magnets that are mounted on a beam and can be moved in or out.
Our Electric Lift Magnets, RM, EM and MU Models, can be used indoors and outdoors. The RM units are round lift magnets while the EM models are rectangular. The MU units have bi-polar magnets. These magnets are available with three different switching arrangements to accommodate a variety of situations.  

Caution – When operating lift magnets, we recommend visually inspecting the lift magnet upon each usage, looking for possible hazards and safety issues. If the visual inspection provides the operator with any doubt of the lift magnet’s capabilities, it is recommended that the lift magnet be placed out of service until those safety concerns can be addressed and corrected. ALWAYS refer to the safety precautions and rated lift capacities supplied with the lift magnet  when purchased.  

Magna Lock USA, Inc. offers yearly inspections and testing of lift magnets by our trained technicians at a nominal cost. This simple examination can prove to be a huge cost savings to a company. Call us today to schedule this service for your lift magnets.