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HU Series, Universal
These are Transverse Pole Electromagnetic Chucks featuring poles that extend fully to front and back edges for maximum holding area. We recommend this series for holding small or thin workpieces and are ideally suited for using with parallels or V-blocks.
HL Series
HC Rotary Series
HG Series, Grid
HB Series, Swiveling
HR Series
Electromagnetic Chucks 
Magna Lock Electromagnetic Chucks have a solid reputation for quality, value, and craftsmanship that is unsurpassed by none. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide assortment of electromagnetic chucks to suit every workholding possibility from grinding to milling to planing. No job is too small or too large. 
Our HL Series are low-profile chucks featuring Longitudinal Fine Pole patterns for a full magnetic surface to all edges. We provide the lowest height available in the industry, providing more head room on our customer’s grinder for jigs and fixtures. We recommend this series for small and thin workpieces and are ideally suited for use with parallels and V-blocks.
Our HC Rotary Series is one of our most popular. Chucks in this series are used on surface grinders, lathes, cylindrical grinders as well as other machines. Through the years, Magna Lock has manufactured 3 types in several sizes in this series. We are happy to service any of these configurations based on our original engineering documents together with our serial numbers records. Additionally, we have the ability to reproduce exact replicas of chucks made 50 years ago for our long standing customers. 
These grid chucks are Transverse Pole Electromagnetic Chucks featuring poles that evenly distribute magnetic holding over the entire surface. These chucks are ideal for medium and large grinders and for milling and planing. We offer two series within the HG Series that have different magnetic pole widths offering different pitches.  
Commonly known as Knife Bar Chucks,our HB Series  Electromagnetic Chucks feature positive locking at a desired angular setting. They are balanced for easy rotation through 360˚ . We offer a wide range of sizes to suit every customer’s needs.
Our HR Series chucks include the same top plate pattern as our HL Series in models less than 12” wide. This series has excellent stability for heavy machining and grinding and are ideal for use with parallels and V-blocks. They have outstanding holding for special fixtures and jigs.