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Controls for Electromagnetic Chucks
Our Fluxmaster V chuck controls were developed by Magna Lock many years ago to provide rectified DC power and control. We have been successful with keeping our Fluxmaster controls up to date with current technology and advancement in the control industry. All control and power modules are housed in rugged, splash-proof NEMA XII enclosures. Standard models range from 150 through 7500 watts capacity and 0-100% variable holding is standard on all models. Models rated at 500 watts or larger have a separate wall-mounted power enclosure. 

Self-contained Fluxmaster V controls are available with 300 watt ratings. A single cabinet contains both the control panel and the balance of the electrical components. Selection of the desired function is through a four-position rotary switch, and 0-100% variable holding is standard. Individual pilot lights provide convenient visual indication.

​A very common, economical and simple choice of chuck controls for many of our customers is the Fluxmaster IV, F15MY1 model. This unit has a three-position toggle switch used for controlling the chuck. Placing the toggle switch to the right provides DC current for energizing the chuck. The setting of the variable control knob will determine the DC output to the chuck. With the switch in the center “off” position electric current will no longer be delivered to the chuck. Although the electric current is interrupted, workpieces may remain magnetically attracted to the chuck due to residual magnetism. Momentarily holding the switch to the left reverses the current flowing to the chuck to release the workpiece.  The F15MY1 is stocked at our facility and ready for shipment in most cases the same day when a customer places an order by noon CST.  

​Many of our customers are successful using our chuck controls with other makes of electromagnetic chucks as well as Magna Lock chucks. Our service technicians are available to assist customers with installation and troubleshooting via telephone if applicable. When necessary, customers can ship their control unit to our facilities for evaluation, testing and repair, if necessary. Many of our customers successfully replace parts to their Fluxmaster chuck controls. However, we do caution that electrical parts not installed at our facility are not covered under any warranty.